DAG PRODUCTION moulds O-rings, industrial gaskets and technical components made of rubber and silicone. It can work the following materials: ACM, EDPM, FPM, FKM, ECO, CO, HIR, NBR, NR, SBR, MPQ, MVQ, MFQ, FVQM, EU, AU, HSN, CR.

The company also supplies components coupled to metal, plastic and other parts.

DAG PRODUCTION has a machine park with horizontal and vertical injection presses as well as vertical compression molding presses which allows to manufacture customized components in accordance with international norms. The component materials are always approved by competent bodies.

Machine name Tonnage Injection capacity Size
Horizontal Injection Press MIR for silicone moulding 150 T 0.4 Kg 400X400
Vertical injection Press MIR 150 T 1 Kg 700X450
Horizontal injection press RUTIL 180 T 0.4 Kg 550X500
Horizontal injection press RUTIL 180 T 0.4 Kg 550X500
Vertical injection press RUTIL 300 T 1.2 Kg 600X550
ertical injection press RUTIL 400 T 4 Kg 700X550
Vertical compression press FABES 150 T   550X550